Research Chairs

HPCVL has developed the HPCVL-Sun Microsystems of Canada Chairs in Computational Science and Engineering program at the four founding institutions (Carleton, Queen's University, the University of Ottawa and the Royal Military College). Made possible through funding from Sun Microsystems, this program will see Chairs in the Computational Sciences created at founding member institutions.

HPCVL-Sun Chairs

HPCVL is pleased to announce the appointment of three HPCVL-Sun Microsystems of Canada Chairs in Computation al Science and Engineering. Please see news release here.


Dr. Ugo PiomelliDr. Ugo Piomelli, Queen's University: Working in the area of environmental flows in lakes and in haemodynamics, the study of blood flow. “The Lab's significant technological resources, along with funding through the HPCVL/Sun and Canada Research Chairs, allow me the freedom to explore new ideas and partnerships rather than focusing strictly on project-based work.

Dr. Stavros TavoularisDr. Stavros Tavoularis, University of Ottawa: A fluid dynamicist with an international reputation in research, ranging from turbulence to flows in nuclear reactor cores. A new research program focuses on nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics, whose objective is to assist the Canadian nuclear industry in developing improved tools for the safety analysis of current and future reactors.

Dr. Joerg-Rudiger SackDr. Joerg-Rudiger Sack, Carleton University: Currently researching intelligent systems for Geographic Information Services (GIS), to develop intelligent maps that can be customized and sent to devices such as cell phones or PDAs. Dr. Sack is developing applications to enhance mapping features based on individual needs and context, such as maps that rotate.