System Changes after Storage Upgrades

Apart from a substantial increase in available disk space, some other alteration have been made to our systems:

  • The new default for MPI programs is now ClusterTools 8.1 instead of CT 7.1. This means that using mpirun and compiler macros such as mpif90 or mpicc will use CT8 now. If you need to stick with CT7, you need to issue a "use ct7" command to override the default. The use of CT6 with mprun and mpif90 etc. is not affected by this.
  • We have added the queues for our Enterprise M9000 cluster to the default Grid Engine queue pool, so that jobs that were submitted without additional specification will be either scheduled on the Sunfire 25K's or the Enterprise M9000 servers.

    Note, that if a specific cluster is desired (for instance, if you have compiled code specifically for the M9000 servers) it can be requested by inserting a line:

    #$ -l qname=x.q

    into the Grid Engine script, where x.q is 25k.q for the Sunfires and m9k.q is for the M9000's.