Oracle Storage 7400 Series Unified Storage System

Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System

Kingston: Main Facility

  • 2 PB of Oracle Storage 7400 USS
  • 500 TB Dedicated/Special Storage
  • Dual 10 Gig Fibre

University of Ottawa

  • Oracle StorEdge 3510 disk array
  • 18 TB of total on site storage

Tape Storage: Sun L1400 DLTTape Storage: Oracle L1400 DLT

Kingston: Main Facility

  • Oracle L1400 DLT (Digital Linear Tape) Storage System
  • Currently configured w/ 1300 x 400 GB tapes
  • Native capacity of 1.04 PB, Effective capacity of 520 TB

Backup Storage Backup Storage

Kingston: Main Facility

We are currently backing up User's home directories for a period of ONE Month after which, the disk space will be recycled.

We have deployed a large DLT (digital linear tape) tape backup system using Oracle StorEdge L1400 tape library. We have implemented a backup and retrieval strategy of user files located in each users home directory (i.e., all files/directories referenced by the $HOME environment variable).

Check out the Software Page for information about available packages.


Portable Storage

HPCVL also has portable data storage solutions available for users that have very large data but limited bandwidth.  Please see Portable Storage Sollutions for more information.