How do I compile OpenMP code on the Sun?

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To enable the interpretation of OpenMP compiler directives, the -xopenmp compiler option has to be specified both at the compile and at the link level. This holds for the Fortran, C, and C++ compilers equally. At the compile level, it is often useful to also use the -xloopinfo option which creates a list of loops and information on whether they have been parallelized or not. For instance, in the case of a Fortran program, the compiler calls will be, for compiling:

f90 -c -xopenmp -xloopinfo test.f90

and for linking

f90 -o test.exe -xopenmp test.o

Both can of course be combined:

f90 -o test.exe -xopenmp -xloopinfo test.f90

Note that the -xopenmp option is a macro which includes several sub options. Also, if no optimization is specified (as in the above lines), the optimization level will automatically be increased to -xO3 to support multi-threading. This can not be disabled.