Which environment variables do I have to set, what does my path have to look like if I want to do program development?

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For the most part, you do not have to add anything to your default setup to use program development tools such as compilers and debuggers. We are using a program calledusepackage which replaces the issuing of lengthy setting for environment variables by a simple command use. By default, you start with standard-user-settings that include the latest compilers and development tools. If you want to change this, you can do so by issuing the command

use package

where package stands for one of the following:

ct6 - Sun ClusterTools 6 
ct7 - Sun ClusterTools 7.1 
ct8 - Sun CLusterTools 8.1
studio12 - Sun Studio 12 Compilers and Tools
studio11 - Sun Studio 11 Compilers and Tools
studio10 - Sun Studio 10 Compilers and Tools
studio8 - Sun Studio 8 Compilers and Tools
studio7 - Sun Studio 7 Compilers and Tools
workshop6 - Sun Workshop 6 Compilers and Tools

Note that usepackage is prepending the compiler directories to your PATH variable. You can do this manually, of course. For bash you use the following command:

 export PATH=/opt/SUNWspro/bin:$PATH export MANPATH=/opt/SUNWspro/man:$MANPATH

This can go into your setup file (.bash_profile, .bashrc). The first sets your search path, the second your "manual path" (if you want to use the Unix man command). With these setting you should be able to run the development tool "sunstudio" and get started editing, compiling and debugging programs.