Where can I get a "secure shell"?

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Unix Systems: (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Iris, HP-UX). Unix systems usually have an ssh client installed as a standard component of the Operating System (OS). If your system doesn't, we suggest you visit the Openssh web site. This is a relatively simple way to get one. Also, check out your favorite "free download site" for "Openssh"; you might find a precompiled executable.

Solaris: If you are using a SUN machine with Solaris, ssh/sftp is likely included with the OS. You can also get a pre-compiled version fromhttp://sunfreeware.com/ or one of its mirrors.

Linux Systems: Most installations should include a choice of ssh/sftp packages.

Windows Systems: There are several SSH-based programs available. One of the more popular and easy to use Secure Telnet applications is "PuTTY". An excellent solution for individual non-commercial use is MobaXterm which includes X-server software so that you do not have to install that separately and graphical output from Unix systems is displayed properly on Windows systems.