What is a "secure shell"?

Please note: The FAQ pages at the HPCVL website are continuously being revised. Some pages might pertain to an older configuration of the system. Please let us know if you encounter problems or inaccuracies, and we will correct the entries.

A secure shell (SSH) is a terminal program that encrypts the data that you send and receive to a remote system. For the general private and academic user, the client software for SSH is free. It comes in many different "flavors" and is used similarly to "telnet".

At this point, HPCVL requires its users to use the HPCVL Portal for interactive login, to ensure that the data transfer is safe and that "eavesdropping" or "connection hijacking" is unlikely. HPCVL also requires that all file transfers are done using SCP within the Portal.

The server also runs an SSH daemon with protocol level SSH2, that supports SSH and SFTP. The latest version of the client software, and some "a little older" versions should be able to communicate with it.