Who am I logged in to Secure Global Desktop as?

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Who you're logged in to Sun Secure Global Desktop Software as displays on the webtop toolbar (next to the padlock symbol).

If the toolbar says you're logged in as "Guest user" then you're either logged in anonymously (you didn't type a username and password) or you're using a webtop that's shared with other users.

These details also display on the webtop when you first log in.

If you're using the classic webtop

If you're using the classic webtop, point to an area between the links on your webtop. The status bar shows a message of the form:

"Secure Global Desktop user: username (connnection type)",
where username is who you're logged in as and connection type is "SSL connection" if you have a secure connection and "standard connection" otherwise.

If the username is of the form ".../_dns/server/_anon/number", then you're either logged in anonymously or you're using a shared webtop.

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