Are there licensing issues with Gamess?

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In short, no. Gamess (US) is distributed with a very liberal registration policy. In fact, you can obtain your own copy of the program. The Gamess maintainers require that you register and that you do not redistribute the code. Gamess is a very portable program, and will run on IBM PC's (Windows), MacIntoshes, a variety of Unix platforms (including Linux), and your Palm Pilot (just kidding).

However, like with all licensed software on HPCVL computers, we require our users to read the agreement that exists between the owners of Gamess and HPCVL. If you want to use Gamess, you will have to read through the following license agreement, and then sign a statement that you have read and understood the agreement and will abide by it as a user of our facilities. Please return it to us by fax or mail. You will then be included in a Unix group that allows you access to the program.