What is Fluent ?

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Fluent is a suite of programs that model systems in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This includes flows in two- and three-dimensional geometries, and under a variety of conditions: compressible and incompressible; inviscid, laminar and turbulent; Newtonian and non-Newtonian. The analysis can be steady-state or transient. Fluent simulates convective, coupled and radiative heat transfer, it can account for the mixing and reaction of chemical species, and for arbitrary sources of heat, mass, turbulence and momentum. Calculations employ stationary or rotating frames of reference, and a variety of meshes.

Fluent can be used interactively and supplies a graphical user interface. It can also run in batch mode, if the required time for solving a problem is too long for interactive use. The latter situation is the standard if you are using Fluent on HPCVL machines.

The Fluent package consists of several programs:

  • Fluent, the solver;
  • prePDF, a preprocessor for modeling combustion;
  • GAMBIT, a preprocessor for modelling geometries and generating meshes;
  • TGrid, creating volume meshes from boundary meshes;
  • several filters to import meshes from other CAD packages.