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Shiva Amiri – Manager, Informatics & Analytics

Shiva AmiriShiva Amiri joined the staff of OBI in January 2012 and currently manages Brain-CODE, a data repository that will enable researchers to explore complex relationships that will lead to innovative new avenues of research and treatment. Shiva joined OBI as a Senior Program Lead where she works on research and commercialization of cutting edge neuroscience projects to translate research into patient centred outcomes. Previously, Shiva was a Program Officer at Grand Challenges Canada where she worked to implement innovative solutions for global health's greatest challenges. She was formerly the Team Lead for UK's Science and Innovation Network in Canada. Her role was facilitating scientific collaborations between UK and Canadian universities and research laboratories and encouraging innovation by providing access to the best technologies and policies.

She has also been working on a Computational Biology start-up company for the past two years on next generation screening methodologies. She completed her D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Computational Biochemistry at the University of Oxford where she focused her work on computational studies of membrane proteins involved in neuronal diseases. Prior to her studies at Oxford, she received an Honour's Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto with a double major in Computer Science and Human Biology. During this time, she conducted research at the Best Institute for Medical Research's Bioinformatics and Proteomics program. Shiva is involved with several organisations including Let's Talk Science and the Canadian Science Policy Conference. Apart from science, her interests include history, film, and fine arts. She also likes to play sports, travel, and involve herself in humanitarian causes in the developing world.


Brain-CODE: Ontario Brain Institute's Data Integration Platform


OBI has developed an open access multi-dimensional informatics platform called Brain-CODE (Centre for Ontario Data Exploration) which is a databank of information covering multiple brain disorders. Brain-CODE contains data from a wide range of disciplines - including behavioural science, imaging and genomics - gathered from across the province and beyond using standardized measures and methods. Brain-CODE will serve as a collaborative platform that will enable researchers to make scientific queries within and across several brain disorders and data types to help them identify patterns, generate novel hypotheses, and allow for unprecedented cross disease and cross platform analytics as a means to understand common underlying causes of brain dysfunction.