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Note: This event is now concluded.

Please note that in order to participate in the lab exercises, you have to bring in a laptop. The lecture hall is not equipped with computers, but each seat has a power outlet.

Software Requirements for the Summer School

Data Files for Linux Shell Course

For those attending the Linux Shell Course on Tuesday morning, we ask you to download from and install the data files we'll be playing with on your desktop, so that we can get started right away.

SSH client, Secure File Transfer, X Server

To login to the server machines on which the lab exercises are performed, it is necessary to have an SSH (Secure Shell) client installed on your laptop. For Linux and Mac machines, this software is already available. For Windows PC's you need to download it. We recommend MobaXterm because it is free and has all the functionality required. You can get a copy at


Java and Java plugin 

For the OpenMP, MPI, Posix, and "Combination/HWT" lab exercises you will use a Secure Portal to access the servers. This requires a recent version of Java and the corresponding plugin to be installed. To test your current Java installation, please check at  and follow the supplie links to update or install Java (latest version is 7.21). In case of Java issues keeping you from loging in at the event, you should have an ssh client (see above) installed as a "backup".


Participants who attend at least three full days of the Summer School courses will be issued a certificate.


Handouts and Lab Code 

The course handouts and code/data files used in the labs may be found on the Programme Page under each course abstract.