Dr. Xiaohua Wu - Mechanical Engineer, RMC

Researcher Name: 
Dr. Xiaohua Wu, Canada Research Chair
Research Overview: 
Computational Fluid Dynamics


CFD StuffWith the strong support from HPCVL through Compute Canada and from NSERC, our group is performing world-class computational fluid dynamics (CFD) researches that can penetrate into undergraduate and graduate text books, and at the same time impact aeronautical engineering practice. Current research topics include transitional and turbulent boundary layers, pipe flow, jet engine turbine cascade flow, subsonic and supersonic wake, and flow related to high-speed rotating missile.  Our research approach is first-principle-based, very-large-scale direct numerical simulation (VLS DNS) using several billion mesh points per simulation. For example, our recent VLS DNS papers on the boundary layer, pipe flow and jet engine turbine cascade flow have resonated within the international CFD, turbulence and transition research communities. A hall-mark of this group is strong and substantial collaborations with some of the world’s best computational and experimental scientists in fluid mechanics. Some of our graduates have moved up to top-tier labs in the United States such as Stanford University and Los Alamos National Laboratory.