HPCVL Named in "Best 10 Research Facilities in Canada" in Backbone Magazine

HPCVL is proud to announce that we were selected as one of the "Best 10 Research Facilities" in Canada. The editor and publisher of Re$earch Money magazine helped compile a list of nine facilities and one company. The Backbone 200 consists of organizations, people, events and products that stand out, that contribute to our competitiveness and economic strengths, and-as in the case of our world-leading game developers-our ability to have fun and make money. See full article here.

HPCVL Working Template v5.3

The current version of the HPCVL Working Template (HWT) is v5.3. The HWT provides an advanced toolkit for the parallelization of code, including Version Maintainance, Automatic Relative Debugging, and Simple Timing. The software may be accessed directly on our Sunfire cluster at /opt/hwt, which also contains an application example. The User's Manual can be downloaded here.


HPCS 2009 Conference

The High Performance Computing Symposium was held in Kingston, Ontario. The conference ran from June 14th to the 17th, 2009. Please visit here for details.


HPCVL Advances Work in Stem-Cell Research, Economics, Physics and Psychology

HPCVL uses Sun technology to advance work in stem-cell research, economics, physics and psychology. Read the Article here...


HPCVL Invests in Sun Servers

Click here for the Press Release...


Entrust Secures One of Canada's Most Powerful High-Performance Computing Labs

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ITBusiness Article on HPCVL Expansion Celebration and Scott McNealy's Speech

Read the article here...


Article in ITBusiness on recent $11.5M pledge from Ontario Government

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HPCVL Announces the Launch of its Secure Grid Portal (SGP)

HPCVL The High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL) today announced the launch of its Secure Grid Portal (SGP). Read the Press Release here.


HPCVL Announces Major Hardware Expansion

HPCVL is pleased to announce the installation of eight Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 systems. Each system has sixty-four 2.5 2 GHz quad-core SPARC 64 chips and 2 TB of RAM. The cluster has a TPP of over 20 TFLOPS of performance and will help research ers tackle new problems currently out of reach. For more information, check out our hardware page or Sun's website.

ITBusiness on the HPCVL Secure Remote Access Portal

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HPCVL Enters Into MOU with RWTH Aachen University in Germany

HPCVL has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Center for Computing and Communication at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. The partnership was developed through the Sun Microsystems Center of Excellence program. The Memorandum has helped build a framework for the exchange of common experience and research related to high performance computing, and build a strong relationship between the two organizations. As a part of that effort, Aachen University experts on HP C methodologies gave workshops as a part of HPCS 2009 in Kingston in June 2009.


HPCVL Awarded $11.5M

The Ontario Government recently awarded HPCVL $11.5. Please the see press release here.


CFI/NSERC Funding Announcement

$88 Million Investment Creates National High Performance Computing Network. Read the Press Release here here...


HPCWire Article on HPCVL and Sun Microsystems

Article on the relationship between HPCVL and Sun Microsystems. Click here to read the article.


HPCWire Article on Victoria Falls Cluster

HPCWire runs article describing benefits of the Ultrasparc T2 based Victoria Falls cluster. Read the article here.


First Complete Scan of the Human Proteome

Using HPCVL resources, Dr. F. Dehne and his team of researchers expect to have the entire Homo sapiens proteome complete within a few weeks. See details here.


HPCVL Plays Vital Role in Heart Institute Research

Experts at HPCVL (Carleton) are helping Medical researchers at University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Read article here.



HPCS 2013

HPCS (the High Performance Computing Symposium) is Canada’s foremost supercomputing conference – a multidisciplinary conference where computational researchers from all disciplines in industry and academia, computer scientists, and vendors exchange new tools, techniques and interesting results in and for HPC computational research have issued the First Call for Submissions.
HPCS2013 will take place in Ottawa from June 2 - 6, 2013. The first two days (Sunday and Monday) will consist of tutorial workshops covering introductory and advanced tools for high performance computing, and the technical sessions of the symposium will take place Tuesday through Thursday. More Information may be found here.


HPCVL Symposium 2013 in Toronto - Complex Data and Analytics in Medical Research

HPCVL will be hosting a one-day symposium "Complex Data and Analytics in Medical Research” to take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 in Toronto. Advances in technology have led to availability of large volumes of data from a variety of research studies and clinical environments. This data can be processed, integrated, stored and analyzed to present opportunities for new understandings of diseases and treatments and has the potential to help save lives and billions of dollars throughout the health care system as well as, potentially helping create new products and methodologies. This symposium will examine several aspects of this opportunity and the issues surrounding the use of this data.

For details including registration and speakers please see: Complex Data and Analytics Symposium

Press Releases

Apr 5, 2012 HPCVL Provides Secure Resources for Ontario Brain Institute:
HPCVL provides a secure environment and computing resources for the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI). The Ontario Brain Institute is creating an extensive brain research database called the Brain-CODE that will allow researchers to work faster and more efficiently.

April 9, 2010 Carleton Researcher Achieves Breakthrough Computations:
Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science F. Dehne: Building the Human Proteome

June 14, 2009 HPCVL Announces Inaugural HPCVL-Sun Chairs:
Chairs funded through support from Sun Microsystems of Canada

Nov, 2006 HPCVL Continues to Virtualize Research