What is the Pascal compiler used on HPCVL machines?

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The Pascal compiler installed on the Sun Fire system of HPCVL is the Gnu Pascal Compiler (GPC). This is a public-domain compiler that has a great deal of extensions and compatibility features built into it, and is designed to be very portable. The versions are at present:

GNU Pascal version 20000707, based on gcc-2.95.2 19991024 (for SUN Sun Fire).

This compiler supports ISO-7185 Standard Pascal and ISO-10206 Extended Pascal, as well as Borland Pascal 7.0 and parts of Pascal-SC. For more detailed specifications which features are available, see the the language specification page of GPC. GPC is located in the /usr/local directory hierarchy. It makes use of some features of the Gnu C Compiler (GCC) and therefore needs access to libraries and header files from that distribution. Its close relationship with GCC also enables it (to some degree) to use the GNU debugger (How do I debug my Pascal programs?).