Where can I learn details about MPI?

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As already pointed out, this FAQ is not an introduction to MPI programming. The standard reference text on MPI is:

Marc Snir, Steve Otto, Steven Huss-Lederman, David Walker, and Jack Dongarra: MPI - The Complete Reference (2nd edition), The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2000; 2 volumes, ISBN 0-262-69215-5/0-262-69213-3

This text specifies all MPI routines and concepts, and includes a large number of examples. Most people will find it sufficient for all their needs.

A quite good online tutorial for MPI programming can be found at the Maui HPCC site.

For Sun and Solaris specific questions, including CRE and Sun MPI, visit the Sun Documentation Site and use their Search Engine to look for "Sun MPI", "CRE", and "ClusterTools".

There is also an official MPI webpage which contains the standards documents for MPI and gives access to the MPI Forum. HPCVL also organizes Workshops on a regular basis, and one of them is devoted to basic MPI programming. They are announced on our web site. We might see you there sometime soon.