MPI (Message Passing Interface)

Please note: The FAQ pages at the HPCVL website are continuously being revised. Some pages might pertain to an older configuration of the system. Please let us know if you encounter problems or inaccuracies, and we will correct the entries.

This is a short introduction to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) system that was designed to enable parallel programming by communication on distributed-memory machines. MPI has become a standard for multiple-processor programming of code that runs on a variety of machines, from small Beowulf installations to shared-memory high-performance machines and hybrid clusters such as the ones at HPCVL. Due to the complexity of the system, it is of course impossible to give a detailed guide or even tutorial to MPI-programming in the framework of a "Frequently Asked Questions" file. This is not an introduction to MPI programming. References and links for further details are given.

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