I lost data, how can I get them back?

Please note: The FAQ pages at the HPCVL website are continuously being revised. Some pages might pertain to an older configuration of the system. Please let us know if you encounter problems or inaccuracies, and we will correct the entries.

The general answer is contact us. The system administrators may be able to retrieve the lost data from the regular backup on the L1400 tape library. Keep in mind that changes that you made to the data before the loss occured might be lost since the copy of your file may be outdated. Likewise, if you made accidental changes to your files, you might be able to revert to an earlier version by retrieval from a backup copy. However, if the changes were already committed the earlier file could be lost. To avoid such problems, consider a version control system.

If the loss is the consequence of a general disk failure, the part of the file system that was affected will be restored from safety backups, and it is not necessary (nor useful) to contact the administrator for the retrieval of individual files. In that case, you will have to wait until the file system is restored to normal. This may take several days in the case of a severe failure.