How do I change the way an application is displayed?

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A Secure Global Desktop Administrator defines how an application is normally displayed. But if you press Control when you click an application's link, it may display differently.

or applications normally displayed...Use Control-click to display them...
On your WebtopIn an independent window
In a new browser windowOn your Webtop
In an independent windowOn your Webtop
Using an X server on your client deviceOn your Webtop

For applications that display full-screen or in a seamless window or applications that integrate with your local window manager, pressing Control has no effect.

If an Administrator has defined an application to display in a seamless window, you can switch the application between a seamless and an independent window by pressing the SCROLL LOCK key.

Fitting an application to the size of the window

A graphical application that displays in an independent window may be scaled to fit the size of the window in which it displays. If you re-size the window, Secure Global Desktop rescales the application to fit the new window size without displaying any scroll bars.

You switch the application between being scaled and not being scaled by pressing the SCROLL LOCK key.

To see if an application displays in a scalable window, point to its link on your webtop and look at the popup that displays (or look in the status bar at the bottom of the window).

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