What are the "NAG Libraries"?

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The Numerical Algorithms Group mathematical libraries are on of the most extensive and widely used collection of numerical and mathematical routines available. They have become a standard due to their portability, reliability and stability. The libraries offer both serial and parallel versions of a variety of numerical algorithms, ranging from complex arithmetic, quadrature and the numerical solution of differential equations to linear algebra, eigenvalue problems and nonlinear optimization. The routines are extensively documented and equipped with error-trapping and reporting systems.

The libraries are available both as static archives and dynamic shared-object files. They can be used from Fortran and C programs. Which versions of the NAG software are currently in use in HPCVL machines?

The current versions of the NAG software on HPCVL machines are:

C Libraries Mark 8,
F90 Libraries Release 4,
SMP Libraries Release 21,
Parallel Libraries Release 3
Iris Explorer Release 5.0

These versions are the latest releases as of September 2006. The libraries will be updated as newer releases become available. Note that some routines from earlier versions have been withdrawn. NAG supplies a list of those routines and suggestions as to how to replace them.